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We are a team of expert renovations contractors in Panama

Contratistas Civiles is one of the market leaders in the specialist in construction, restoration and renovation. Thanks to this we maintain a reputation as expert renovations contractors in Panama. This growing reputation has been built on our expertise in maintaining, renovating and restoring historic and protected buildings. We pride ourselves on completing contracted works on […]

Contratista Civiles: Quality builders in Panama

We have established a reputation as quality builders in Panama, robust project management and exceptional value across all aspects of construction, including high-end restoration and new builds. Here are a few reasons why people choose to work with us: Excellent communication: We keep you in touch at every stage of your project. Attention to detail: […]

How to make Contratistas Civiles in Panama an ally to your business?

You want the best restaurant builder in the business as your project partner, Contratistas Civiles in Panama delivers to this challenging market with more than 30 years of proven industry experience. We offer an extensive portfolio of success in Panama. Restaurant Construction Selecting the right construction company to work on your restaurant project may seem […]