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August 07 2018 1Comment
compañia de construcción en Panamá - Construction company in Panama

Construction company in Panama at your service

We are a construction company in Panama operating from the center of Panama City our building division has experience and expertise in all sectors. Contratistas Civiles can take care of any property renovation or property extension, from residential developments to new buildings. Our builders have worked on properties across Panama, giving them a slick new […]

July 19 2018 11,412Comments
constructora en Panamá - construction company in Panama

As a construction business in Panama, we offer excellence

Contratistas Civiles is a leading construction business in Panama with a portfolio that includes some of the best restoration projects in Casco Viejo. Our established relationships with specialized suppliers, a highly skilled and dedicated team, our innovative methods and an exacting standard for completion have earned us a competitive edge well recognized in the industry. […]

June 26 2018 2,641Comments
contratistas especializados en restauración en Panamá - restoration contractors in Panama

Contratistas Civiles, restoration constratistas in Panama

Craftsmen in the Conservation of Historic Buildings We are specialist contractors in the repair and restoration of historic buildings We directly employ heritage skilled tradesmen to undertake the following trade work in-house. Contratistas Civiles is fast becoming one of the market leaders in the specialist building, conservation and restoration industry. This growing reputation has been […]

June 13 2018 6,786Comments

We are a team of expert renovations contractors in Panama

Contratistas Civiles is one of the market leaders in the specialist in construction, restoration and renovation. Thanks to this we maintain a reputation as expert renovations contractors in Panama. This growing reputation has been built on our expertise in maintaining, renovating and restoring historic and protected buildings. We pride ourselves on completing contracted works on […]

May 29 2018 6,424Comments
constructores especializados en renovación en Panamá - renovation builder in Panama

Contratistas Civiles are a renovation builders in Panama

Contratistas Civiles is a firm in renovation builders in Panama. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and have fully qualified specialists for renovations. In Panama, historic preservation is a challenging and painstaking process. There are only a handful of historic restoration companies in Panama that possess the skill […]

April 19 2018 6,010Comments

Contratista Civiles: Quality builders in Panama

We have established a reputation as quality builders in Panama, robust project management and exceptional value across all aspects of construction, including high-end restoration and new builds. Here are a few reasons why people choose to work with us: Excellent communication: We keep you in touch at every stage of your project. Attention to detail: […]

April 06 2018 2,521Comments

How to make Contratistas Civiles in Panama an ally to your business?

You want the best restaurant builder in the business as your project partner, Contratistas Civiles in Panama delivers to this challenging market with more than 30 years of proven industry experience. We offer an extensive portfolio of success in Panama. Restaurant Construction Selecting the right construction company to work on your restaurant project may seem […]

April 04 2018 1Comment
restoration in Panama's Casco Antiguo / restauración en Casco Antiguo de Panamá

A restoration in Panama’s Casco Antiguo is a matters of national interest

In 1997 the Incentive Law for Casco Antiguo of Panama was enacted (Law No. 9 of 1997 of Panama) with the objective of preserving the architectural legacy of that area, whose content promotes the restoration of buildings and requires the preservation of certain original features. This law transformed the restoration in Panama’s Casco Antiguo. Preserving […]

March 12 2018 511Comments
efficient builders in Panama - Constructores eficientes en Panamá

Efficient builders in Panama

In today’s world, the push for green building and energy efficiency is stronger than ever. The majority of the products we have been using for years are considered “green” but that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for improvement. Our team in Civil Contractors can build energy efficient as the project conditions and you allow […]