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Contratistas Civiles are one of the premier restoration builders in Panama. We have provided building services  in Casco Viejo in numerous projects.

World heritage list

In 1997 UNESCO included the old city of Panama City in the world heritage list, in that same year the Panamanian state establishes a classification of buildings located in the old town according to degrees of conservation and heritage valorization.

The levels of architectural intervention, landscaping and a system of special incentives for builders in the old town of Panama were established with the purpose of contributing to the enhancement and restoration of the historical monument complex, which mainly comprises the corregimiento of San Felipe , and to a lesser extent suburbs of Santa Ana and El Chorrillo.

Historical Center of the City of Panama

The Ministry of Housing through Executive Decree 205 of 2000, recognized the importance of the historical center of the city of Panama as a special area that merits special plans and standards, proposing a strategy of preservation and restoration, maintaining densities and the urban scale prevailing in the area.

In this same year the Office of Casco Viejo Panama was created, which in conjunction with the National Directorate of Historical Heritage and the MIVI, proceeded to review and update the current land use regulations within the limits of Casco Viejo Resulting from this initiative through resolution 127 of 2003, the zoning and building regulations for Casco Viejo were approved.

Later in 2004, through Executive Decree 51, the manual of norms and procedures for the restoration of Casco Viejo was approved.


Infrastructure Improvements

Starting in 2012, the government implemented the restoration project of Casco Viejo in the old town of Panama City, installed a modern system of sewage and rainwater channels, and also rehabilitated the entire potable water system throughout the area.

The works also included the replacement of the paving stones of all the streets and avenues and the building of viaducts for the burial of the electrical and communication networks. All this converted Casco Viejo into one of the first areas in the city that highlights the scenic beauty of buildings and residences. The main squares of the area benefited from improving lighting, landscaping, tiles and street furniture.

We have proudly been restoration builders in Panama working in Casco Viejo on numerous projects, thus contributing to the restoration of one of the most important tourist attractions of our country, the historic old town of Panama.

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