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contratistas especializados en restauración en Panamá - restoration contractors in Panama

Contratistas Civiles, restoration constratistas in Panama

Craftsmen in the Conservation of Historic Buildings

We are specialist contractors in the repair and restoration of historic buildings

We directly employ heritage skilled tradesmen to undertake the following trade work in-house.

Contratistas Civiles is fast becoming one of the market leaders in the specialist building, conservation and restoration industry.

This growing reputation has been built on our expertise to maintain and restore historic and listed buildings.

We pride ourselves on completing contracted works on time and to the highest standard, all of which are pre-requisite of our very exacting and prestigious client base.

The majority of our contracted work requires internal/external repairs and renovation to brick, stone and terracotta dressed buildings. Our understanding of these materials ensures that quality is not compromised, whilst budgetary constraints are understood in what is a very competitive industry.

We build on the past to secure the future

Contratistas Civiles are a proven, professional building company having successfully restored historic and listed buildings here in Panama since 2000.

We have built a reputation for renovating historic/listed buildings using exceptional people, specialist building skills, and a deep understanding of the relevant building regulations.

Sensitivity and discretion is everything when choosing and working with the appropriate materials and implementing client choices, such as whether to have visible or discreet replacements. Legacy Restorations have the expertise to deal with delicate matters such as conservation versus restoration.

Building, Stonework, Brickwork & Masonry Restoration

For us, every project is a privilege, and we bring to it an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved. We’ve earned an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, professional advice and specialist services including stone carving, roofing and joinery, masonry and brick replacement, brick and terracotta repairs, masonry cleaning, and lime mortar pointing, rendering and plastering.

Our values

  • Passionate about conservation
  • Proud of our craftsmanship
  • Putting the building first, every time

Our service as restoration contractors in Panama

We work closely with every organisation involved in your project, building strong relationships and playing a valued role as a trusted supply chain partner.

If you are looking for restoration contractors in Panama, contact us


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